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Start/establish business

If you have a business and want to establish yourself in Säffle, or if you want to develop your business and need financial aid, please contact us.

Start your own business:

When you start a business it is very important to clearly define what your idea/proposal is. This is vital in order to differentiate your business, to create a clear picture for yourself what your idea can offer and why it is of importance.  

It might be difficult to set goals, but it offers a measure of success. This is of great importance, given that it’s the only way to learn how to improve yourself and your business concept for a safer future development.

Säffle municipality offers you a course in starting your own business to help you from idea to business.

The course will include the following topics:

  • The goal is a complete business concept for your company.
  • From idea to business concept.
  • How do I protect my idea?
  • What is my market and how do I promote myself?
  • How do I ensure myself and my company?
  • What need for investments are there and how do I finance it?
  • How do I price?
  • Budgeting.
  • Good connections.

Page updated 28 February 2012

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