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About Säffle

A rare magic often occurs where the forest and the water meet.

This is something you can experience in quite a few places in Sweden but, in Säffle, the impressions are much richer and more concentrated than in most other places.

This is where you’ll find Lake Vänern with its 22 000 islands and the beautiful Lurö archipelago. You’ll also find the dense Glaskogen forest with its miles and miles of footpaths and places to paddle your canoe.

In the middle of this paradise for body and soul you’ll find the central location of Säffle – the last place in Sweden to be declared a town in Sweden before the regulations changed in 1951.

A modern idyll with plenty of space for an enjoyable and varied way of life. Säffle is a bustling centre for commerce, tourism and local amenities, and is home to dynamic business in many different industries.

Good communications and its favourable geographic location are also part of what Säffle has  to offer. Good roads, railways and plane connections are close at hand and cities such as Oslo, Stockholm and Gothenburg are within easy reach.

Quite simply, Säffle has everything you could wish for – beautiful countryside, a culture that is alive and relaxed human warmth.

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